Looking people to play third strike with (east bay)

I am once again looking for more people to play third strike with. I really want to get competitive with the game but it is really difficult to find people to play. The other people I found to play I have lost contact with. Since its summer I have a lot of free time, so when its convenient for you it probably is for me. I can also travel on bart if need be. I also play smash brothers brawl and melee competitively so if you play that, we can bust some of that as well. I am also learning guilty gear, but I mostly want to find people for third.

Best way to contact me would be on aim at ZodiakLucien.

lol i live right down the street from you.

cool you’re getting into third, i was just playing it today and was thinking about getting back into it

you may know me as mike from 707

btw we need to play brawl

go to golfland!!!

I wanted to get in contact with you but your never on aim. I’ve been working on third a lot. Mike we also need to play some third and brawl. Also where/what is golfland.

I’m around 20 minutes from Walnut Creek so I’m up for some Melee and 3s too.
I’ll show you what’s up with Akuma. :smokin:

Also, Golfland is a miniature golf course and has an arcade with 3s, MvC2, Alpha 3, ST, Tekken 5 and CvS2 cabs. There’s one in Milpitas and another in Sunnyvale that are really popular in the bay area fighter scene.

i play 3s and marvel if you’re down.

ghostal and saitou just talk to me on aim and we will play. Saitou I never got into marvel.

yo i play games include 3s, soul caliber, gg, a3, mario kart y others, I’m improving w/ makato and dudley, I live on the coast, strike down to daly city bart is close to where I live, i need game, do u want to test my turkduckhen sytles?

pm me cuz im down for some 3s.

i’m free on week nights after 8ish. Weekends is most likely a no go for me. You guys got a place to play in? i can bring my own arcade sticks and console if its necessary.

i’d be down once i’m done with summer school :bluu:

come to oakland and play if youre down… check my thread.

Ghostal bring it back here and show us whats up with Akuma…?

I will definitely keep in contact of that oakland thread.

Ah damnit I forgot you guys played this Sunday.
Shoot me a PM or give me a call whenever you guys are gonna get together again and I’ll head down.

Now that I have a sanwa stick I’ve been able to get used to it instead of my P360 one (why the fuck do they feel so drastically different?), so there’ll be a lot more competition from my end. I’ll also show you guys what’s good with my Shoryu-Reppa Ken ^-^

trying to play today. me bored.

seriously, im bored as fuck and cant travel. anybody who wants to play aim me, i have a cab outside for smoking and dc/marvel inside and im bored. BOORRREEDDD:zzz::zzz::zzz:

Lyle you crazy motherfucker.

Where do you live again?


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