Looking to 2nd main guy

So i always was looking at maining guy but never realy got into him until now!
Just his cool quotes and flashy moves makes me want to train with him so badly.
any tips for a starter with guy?

Hmm I’m still learning myself, but I can tell you what I learned so far. Guy has a rather high learning curve I think. I feel there is no simple way to use him. He seems like a character that many people play differently, but you can focus on some of his good points. Guy can get in on opponents in a couple ways be it jump elbow or RH, bushin flips or even Hozanto fadc and some decent safe jumps after throws and Knock downs. Knock downs are key. You can pressure with mp or Target combo into run stop and Hozantos and use low lk to beat out some normals.

pokes include mostly stand mk, stand mp, cr mk and hk (watch spacing, do from a distance to hit at the tip)

Anti-Airs will be Cr.MP, EX tatsu and Tiger kneed air grabs usually.

After knockdows (easier in the corner) you can jump to mix up mk cross up or command elbow. Watch out for reversals though.

Baiting is a strengh for Guy. Use early command elbows or bushin flip elbows out of range to get them to anti air and land in front (or even behind if your lucky enough to bait them) to punish. When they start to get worried about the baiting elbow change to HK to get in as they will sometimes hesitate to anti-air properly at times. You can use run stops and also tick throws to tick Cr.Hp to bait the crouch techs which can lead to mp run slide knockdown. All of this will depend on you making good reads and messing with the opponents timing ect. In this way Guy can be hard to use as you basically have to out think them to win in this case. You do however have decent pokes to rely on as well which are strong in some match ups and for Guy it only takes 2-3 good reads and punishes to seriously damage the opponent.

Anyway I’m sure some of the other players could tell you more. Good luck.

I’ve taken up Guy as a 2nd main pretty much for the same reasons you have. He looks cool (Alternate 1 is awesome), his story and character are interesting too (i know, i know lol at following story in a SF game, sorry). But ever since I second mained him (my first being Guile) my BP have sky rocketed.

Anyways the way I started out with Guy was basically defensive bait and punish (not sure if I came onto this because of my days as Guile or what). Bait out moves with run/stop confusion and jump early elbow drop then punish heavily with FF chain combo or target combo > lp shoulder to get them in the corner. After you learn to punish try to keep pressure with run/stop follow ups.

I’m no pro by any means but I’ve picked up Guy I’m having a blast with him getting more than my fair share of wins with him online. I squeal with joy every time I land a FFchain to ex Bushin kick in the corner. Welcome to Bushinryu, friend.

Glad your enjoying Guy just keep in mind you dont have to do EX Tatsu for corner juggle HK tatsu works just fine and save you meter.

Cr.MP is one god damn annoying anti air. At least for me because I keep forgetting about it. Against online Guy players I just keep crossing them up cause they love to whiff EX Tatsus lol.