Looking to build a hitbox stick, requesting some advice

I was thinking about building a hitbox stick but had a few things that I wanted to ask some more experienced creators about.

First I’m really wanting to try a hitbox stick, I thought about picking up an official one but those look tougher to mod than most.

I thought about the tek-innovations case, but wasn’t sure it would quite stand up to the test of time, any thoughts on it for a hitbox? Or any suggestions on where I could buy a case for a hitbox?

Button wise I was thinking sanwa, however I’m also very curious about using some LEDs either in the stick itself depending on the case or with the buttons. Any advice/links/tutorials on using LEDs particuarly for the buttons would be great.

For the board I was thinking about going with the Brook Universal fighting board just so I can use it on PS4, Xbox One and PC, but am open to other ideas.

Any thoughts on any of this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Read the stickies. Use them. You should of read them before even making this post.

The Intro Thread has a list of linked guides, FAQs and work logs. It also states the rule of reading that first before making a new thread.
Use the Search Function too. Your post is far from the first one who asked on the topic.

Also read Slagcoin.com, its basically required reading here. It’s a little out of date but the fundamentals haven’t changed at all.

Next time you have Questions, use the Answers and Questions thread as most of the more helpful people frequent that thread then they do random threads