Looking to buy 30mm Sanwa Buttons

Hey there, just throwing up a post to see if anyone might have any extra 30mm Sanwa PushButton sets they might be selling?

Color is not a huge deal, but the more variety the better. I just need a set of 6 for my EX2 Hori stick. Any help would be appreciated.

Also looking for a balltop to match, does anyone know the dimensions of a standard EX2 Hori stick? I’m assuming its 35mm, but you guys would know more about it than I.


Too bad you guys only sell one color of buttons.

This is not the right places to ask. Go to the trading forum and ask for buttons to buy. New rules for 2009ers, mean you can buy stuff without problems, just can’t sell. There are several vendors there have the items you’re looking for. Some have good prices too…


Thanks for the tip. This is what I was looking for.

Site updated with other button types and colors as well as a FAQ page.

Have you guys tried buying Sanwas on ebay?

I wouldn’t buy something so easily to make fakes of as a non-branded joystick button on ebay. It’s bad enough that 50% of the electronics accessories there are knockoffs, but in something that literally only has one function, I expect it to be the genuine article. :stuck_out_tongue: