Looking to buy 8-way Happ Competition stick

I’m looking to buy an 8-way happ competition stick, with preferably sanwa buttons but would settle for happ buttons. Needs to be responsive, in good working order. Thanks.

Official Happ site prices too much for you?


I need it for Evo in less 3 weeks, so I just want to buy one that somebody already has, my stick has died out.

Wrong forum, but lizardlick.com has both Happ sticks and Sanwa buttons. They’d definitely have it to you within 3 weeks.

Yeah should be in the Trading Outlet, but I think he is looking for a complete stick, not just parts.

Order today, you get a stick before Evo, I have 1 slot free, left, and you’ll get a full happ stick before evo, get in touch with me on my trading thread, if your interested.