Looking to buy a monitor. Pls help


So I’m looking to buy a HD monitor at least 27". Hopefully not more than $300.00.
Can anyone recommend a specific monitor with no lag?


for no lag you’re going to want something with high hertz and fps. My particular moniter is an ASUS 24 inch at 1080p res, I got it for 200 and it has a gaming mode that increases fps. I got it on TigerDirect.com you might want to check there. Also I would not suggest a samsung becasue many of them lag.
These are good options


Ok… So from replite’s help and the little research that I have done. I will get the asus. But I still have a question. I have noticed that most people that have the asus , have the Asus VH236H. Which is a 23 inch screen . I want a bigger screen like the suggestion that reptile told me about. The Asus VE278Q 27" or the asus VE276Q. Which one of these is better in terms of lag… And how does it compare to the VH236H? Also… Is the LED better or the LCD? I would think the LED would give better picture clarity.? Thnx


LCD and LED are similar, just the way they’re back lit is different. LED gives brighter and more consitant lighting, also a thinner design because of how small the LED’s are. Usually more expensive too. I’ve got both a LED monitor and a regular old LCD monitor hooked up to my PC, both Acer brand, cant tell the difference between the two besides the body style/thickness.