Looking to buy a used TE/pro for 50-60$


This is my budget for one atm need asap pm


Way too low… a “Used” one is like 75-90 and that’s if that person is really nice or needs to sell it right away.
Okay if your gonna say that, me too anyone else trying to sell one?? ill give you 70. Lol


-_- Well my buddy got one for 50 used TE Blazblue… K bump 70


I’ve got a SFxT Pro or a Street Fighter IV round 1 TE for sale for $80 but that includes free shipping in the U.S.


wow a blaz blue for50$ if u dont mind me asking where did he get that deal at? all my te’s have been 80 and up


Reasonable. I’ve gotten a few TEs and Pros for $50-$65


What system? You can get a new TE for the WiiU for that price.