Looking to Buy an Aracde Stick

I’m relatively new to playing fighting games but I recently picked up Marvel vs Capcom 2, and I must say it is by far my favorite game to play. I even enjoy watching other people play it when I am not playing.

Right now my friends and I only play on the Dreamcast Controllers. The game is still incredibly fun but I think it would be the most fun to play with an actual stick.

I was looking to buy the actuall machine but I found that it would not be practical because the DC version is Arcade Perfect.

So really all I need to get now is Some Arcade sticks. And that’s why I came here.

I am looking at the Super Pro Stick for 99.95 or the Xarcade twinstick,

Does anyone know anything about these, what do you guys use?

You should have gone to the tech sub-forums with these types of questions. But since your new, and I’m a nice guy… Most people I believe use a custom stick when it comes to MvC2 ( Anyone correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t play that game.) Also check out the buy/sell sub-forum, because there are a few stick builders in there that do great work and can build a stick to your needs. But if you want to create your own… Again, the tech forum is your friend. Hope this helps.

Are you the same guy who posted this exact same question on gamefaqs? If so then I already answered your question.

Don’t laugh.

I use my Tekken 5 Hori Stick :rofl:

It works,and it’s comfortable for me though.

if you really want to buy a stock stick, and you’re only going to play on DC, get the agetec dreamcast stick (aka ‘green goblin’). custom is the best option though.

I just use my index fingers on the DC controller

If you’re OK with Jap sticks, the HRAP with an Innovation converter is a pretty good deal.

no shame there, I use my T5 stick too. I just so use to the Box shape that it became second nature to use it. Mines got a little bit loose so it suits me better now.

And to answer the ? a custom is the way to go.

most people go with custom, you can find people who sell customs on the tech talk forums, but never buy an x-arcade it just suckz :wasted:

You’re looking to buy an aracde stick? Hell, I’d be happy just seeing an aracde stick.

:sad: So do I.

…that went well.

If you’re doing Marvel VS Capcom 2, pick up a MAS stick with a P360.
If you’re doing anything else, consider turning Japanese!

What about the Street Fighter Anniversary Stick I heard that it was supposed to be good?

Your absolute best option is to wait, and pay a bit more for MAS sticks. If you cant wait or dont want to spend it, Custom sticks are good. MAS is just far superior from my experience.

Here is what you need:

$89 MAS stick. Good price!

Thats the PS2 version of the MAS, i don’t know if a DC-Only MAS is made. You’d just need a PS2-to-DC converter for it to work.

Get a MAS stick for sure, make sure it’s a P360, but don’t get the DC version, instead get the PS2 version and buy a PS2-to-DC port for it so you can use it on both systems and multiple games.

I’m sure I’ve heard problems with custom DC sticks that they have with MvC2 for some reason, but I’ll need someone to confirm this

Also, DO NOT order from Estarland, their service is GOD AWFUL, I know I bought mine from them. The only time they replyed to me was to say “alright we’ll cancel your order” and then the next day they where like “we know you canceled it, but we sent it anyways”

TERRIBLE service

Go for Arcade Shock instead

I have not ordered from e-starland personally, but i’ve heard other members here claim to have done so and the service was good.

Also a P360 is by no means necessary. A Happ competition stick is all one needs.

if your going with marvel

If that is your personal preference, thats cool. A Reg Happ competition stick would also do well.

It is what i’ve always used since switching from gamepad to stick long ago.

i’d agree with you but its like
p360 = dc marvel
comp = ps2 marvel

it can get the job done but if you can go with the p360