Looking to buy an Arcade Stick, I want your advice

Hi there

I’d like to spend no more than $300 and I want Xbox360 and PS2 support.

I want a JLF-8Y Sanwa stick, the OSB 30RG Sanwa buttons and a japanese layout.

I pretty much know my options (1- Custom stick by finkle/TRNG/byrdo/etc, 2-gopodular, 3- Mod my DOA4 stick and wait for a 360->PS2 adapter) but let me know if I am missing any.

So, if you were in my situation ($300 and Sanwa parts), what would you do?

Thank you for your time


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if you want dual support you need to have a db-15 pin adapter put on your stick and use project boxes.

DF might be able to get you a stick with two cords sticking out of it. he seems to have done it before… you could more easily just get a ps2 to xbox converter.

300 is plenty in any case. You can opt for more or less features after you forfill your basics.

Finkle isn’t doing Xbox 360 sticks at the moment. Neither is Dreaded Fist. Don’t know about Byrdo. TRNG has made a custom Xbox 360 stick before, so out of all the custom builders, he’s your best bet. He lives in Sweden though, so you’ll have to factor international shipping into your final cost.

The GoPodular route is also good, but it’s very expensive. $250 for the JP stick with Sanwa buttons and PS2 cartridge encoder, $75 for the Xbox 360 encoder, around $20 shipping, and an additional fee if you want custom artwork on the panel.

The DOA4 stick mod is a good low-cost alternative, but who knows if they will ever make a Xbox 360->PS2 adapter. If you want a stick in the immediate future, you’ll either have to go with Option A or Option B.

He’s working on his new modular design right now. He’s not sure when he’s going to be done.

Have you tried their sticks? I only recently heard about them.

Yes. It does look pretty grim, doesn’t it?

I’m not quite sure if I get your case. Are you saying you have your own Sanwa parts already and an additional $300 or are you trying to spend $300 for everything in total?

Anyway, I would agree that TRNG is your best bet. He’s done the 360 pad hack before. I don’t know if you can get it under $300 total though since his work is top of the line and would pay over $200 +shipping for even a PS stick. The cost of a 360 pad itself is $40-$50 which is a good deal more than the PS pad. Throw in RGs and shipping, and you’re not going to make it under $300 unfortunately. Also, he hasn’t been taking orders for quite some time since he’s always busy.

Your second best bet is probably to wait on finkle. His work speaks for itself. He’s always working on new stuff and I’m sure he’s doing the 360 hacks in his head or in the background.

Or as people have suggested, work with a DOA4 stick and you can add a PS pcb.


I have never heard of project boxes. Could you expand on that please?

the project box has a male(i beleive) db15 wired to the exact way the db15 in the actual stick is wired. The pcb for the system’s controler is in a little box and has the cord on the other size. Plugs right into your stick and has a solid connection with the db15.

Basically… you switch the project boxes depending on which system you wanna use it for.

I am trying to spend $300 + shipping for everything in total. I thought it was a good budget but maybe I was wrong.

Anyway, I would agree that TRNG is your best bet. He’s done the 360 pad hack before. I don’t know if you can get it under $300 total though since his work is top of the line and would pay over $200 +shipping for even a PS stick.

If I understand correctly, I’ll have to pay an extra $20 for 6 RGs and an extra $40 to add an xbox360 pcb so that the stick supports both PS2 and 360. So, about $60 extra compared to the standard PS2 stick?

Yes, he has some cool sticks. He’s working on a 360 design with mike port right now.

At about $80-$90 worth of parts to mod it. It seems like a good value. However, It’ll require a certain expertise to put in new buttons and an extra pcb in there. I believe the buttons are soldered. How much do you think labor would cost me for such a project?

Well you are sort of correct with saying that $20 extra for RGs and $40 for PCB but remember that the 360 hack is a fairly difficult one so you can’t just disregard the labor involved. TRNG is said to have sold one for $75 + shipping before. It would probably be a little less than $75 since he’s also building a whole stick, but still more than $40.

$300 plus shipping is enough to do the whole thing but not of TRNG quality.

For the DOA4 stick, you could probably get someone to do the whole project for you for a set price. Say $250 or whatever, and have them worry about getting the stick and modding it. This would be a lot easier than you buying one then sending it to them (also save a bit on shipping). Or commission someone, buy a DOA stick online and just have it ship directly to the person doing the job.

I would honestly like to try out a 360 hack but I don’t want to shell out $40 for a pad and not even be able to test it out in-game (not owning a 360 and all). I would only be able to do electrical tests.

Anyway, my 2 cents. Change would be appreciated : )


hey who is finkle and do he have a webpage

Your answer

You could test it on pretty much any PC with an USB-port, there are official drivers for Windows XP and open-source alternatives for Mac OS X, Linux and probably older Windowses as well.

Yes, it will work on windows just fine. You don’t even need those drivers. It just works instantly. The stick directions are detected as hat switch but it works fine on mame and all other emulators test.

Even if it didn’t work with some obscure emulator you like using, simply using a joy2key or similar program to map the joystick to keyboard buttons would solve the issue.

So yeah, you can go ahead and buy it.

Oooh, good to know! I will probably get on that pretty soon then. Just like the idea of a challenge. : )

Thanks both of you.


Step by Step pad hack for the x-box 360.