Looking to buy an older CRT, looking for advice and additional information

Can’t really buy an ASUS monitor, considering I don’t have HDMI inputs on my 360, therefore I need a lagless TV to practice on, and saving money would be nice. I’ve been told that pretty much any old TV (I’m looking at about 24") should be fine, but I’ve also heard conflicting information from other sources telling me that some older TV’s are infamous for their lag.

So I ask you guys, any suggestions? I’ve been browsing craigslist, found some old roughly 20" TV’s, and there’s no way for me to tell if I spend $20 on it, that it will be completely lagless. I’m not asking for anyone to test it, but if there’s something I should look for, brands that are known to work very well, any other information that would help me narrow down my search, I’d appreciate it.

It’s time I start practicing on something that doesn’t leave me 5 frames ahead of my links on an ASUS monitor.

Thanks for all the help in advance!

Hmm, my old setup before my ASUS used to run a good old fashioned CRT monitor for a PC. Used a x360 VGA adaptor from monoprice as well as a female to female vga coupler as the vga cable was stuck to the crt. Also got myself an RCA to 3.5mm audio converter to plug into the monitor’s speakers. Worked out quite well. Didn’t get a chance to lagtest it though but it felt a lot better than playing on a 42 LCD tv.


excuse the gears of war, its a guilty pleasure

For CRT TVs I love the Sony WEGA sets. 27" is the smallest I can think of offhand though. Can generally find them in the $100 range on craigslist.

Though, don’t rule out the Asus monitor because your 360 doesn’t have an HDMI out. You could use the VGA box to hook up to it.

Second on a CRT monitor with a VGA in. I’m still trying to find an FW900 around me :frowning:

I have a ViewSonic PF790, 21", amazing monitor, and 120 fps for Quake :slight_smile:

Yep, this is how I connect my 360 to my Asus monitor. 360 VGA cables can be had pretty cheap.