Looking to Buy/Find a sturdy USB B to USB A wire


Now that I’ve put together my NiteWalker custom stick, I installed a Neutrik NAUSB-W A/B connector. I originally ordered a 10ft cable from Focus Attack with the ends exactly pictured below but I’m unhappy with the sturdiness of the USB B connection. It tends to fit loosely and wiggles more than I’d like it to.

I saw the below image on the Project Giant Sword website and would like to know if it’s possible to get those else where or if someone here has one like it.


Let me know!


Updated request.

I think Voltech knows where to get USB cables like that.

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind telling where to get them from.

That looks like a Neutrik RJ45 jack with a boot plugged into it. There are a few people who can make these for you. The 2 case builders mentioned above are really good. You might also PM Kazujiro to see if he’d be willing to make you one. Your stick will need to have a Neutrik RJ45 jack installed though.


Oh dat link!

kubebot was actually first to use the LED USB.
Then kubebot showed to VOLTECH.

kubebot modified the USB to fit Neutrik RJ45 Flex Relief.
VOLTECH did the mod the first time, then showed kubebot.

VOLTECH showed Project GiantSword at Evolution 2011.
And also told them the source for LED USB.

Now Project GiantSword too, modified to use with Neutrik RJ45 Flex Relief.

Here, make your own.

Or buy the real Neutrik USB with Flex Relief.

Well, for the serious-business ones, you could get the NKUSB-* (where star is the length, 1,3,5m) but those look to be quite expensive. Something like $30 for a 1M one shipped. But they’re the official locking ones for the Neutrik ports. I’m betting that’s not what’s being used though.

Pre-post edit: Got it! NE8MC is the model number for the rj45 boots, which you can strip the inside out of for a USB-B cable. Ex: http://amzn.com/B001N4AYQM Howto for LED cables: Neutrik boot USB cable mod

Edit: Everything ninja’d! Wooo. T-T

I tried the NE8MC going into NAUSB but it still didn’t feel secure because NAUSB doesn’t have a metal latch to hold the jack to the port. Take the Project GiantSword route with a RJ45->USB cable, Neutrik RJ45 jack, and NE8MC so the cable stays in place when you plug it into your stick. There’s also a nice clicking sound from the latch. :o