Looking to buy HP Touchpad (preferrably 16gig)

3 times I managed to get to a webstore before they sold out but once I hit the checkout button, was told they don’t accept canadian credit cards. This is bullshit :frowning:
I know some of yall bought 2-3 so if anyone has a spare one, lemme know. I can’t give you the crazy ass prices people are asking for right now but I’ll give some extra over what you paid.

i didn’t even know they droped in price like that i woulda brought the 32gb for 150 :frowning:

Yeah they went on sale friday night/Saturday morning and a buying craze went around because of slickdeals. I managed to get a 16gb from best buy.

Valaris I will be on the look out for an extra for you I know Barnes and Noble had some this morning but their gone.

dam i missed out on a 32 gig then hopefully u find 1 valaris

I don’t know how legit this place is but they have the 32gb for $190

humm never herd of it

I tried barnes and nobles this morning. I just got the cancellation email. I was too late. Thanks for looking out again.

Thanks for the neobits link but it doesn’t take Canadian orders. The bane of my search so far!

lol im posting from mine right now, goodluck

valeris bonjour

i work at the HQ of a major canadian retailer.

we are getting more stock on the 26th.

I will try for you.

To be honest, it might not be a great idea to pick one of these up since there will be no app market, or product update/support.


Someone is porting Android over to it.

Yup, Froyo is coming to the touchpads. I’ve got orders for a 32gb and a16gb, trying to grab from everywhere I can just to make sure I get one. If I happen to get both, I’ll sell you the extra 16gb at cost, but as hard as they are to actually get shipped, I’m not exactly holding my breath.
@Majin, would you mind letting me know if you can snag an extra one?

everyone is asking. I got a 32 gig in my possession right now. No guarantees, but I’ll try to grab like 5 on the 26th.

Awesome. Is the 32 gig in your possession for sale or thats your personal one?

I’m really sad because I work for HP and they didn’t notify their own employees about this offer…

Lol, I can imagine, these things are damn near impossible to find. If you do get some, I’m in, i’m sure everyone appreciates the effort. Can’t wait to see the first Android port on these things.
Btw, heads up to anyone with one, on Verizon’s webstore they have some iPad 1 cases that are supposed to fit the Touchpad beautifully for about $10.

id be worried about losing my job before that lol

personal use for now, but my co-worker already called dibs.

No problem. I wish you the best of luck on the 26th.