Looking to buy new ps2 stick which is better

i was wander if anyone knows anything about these 2 sticks and which one would be a better buy i know some one selling the snk stick for 65$ and its pretty much brand new


Shipping is going to hurt on both of those products. I’d go with the Korean stick personally. Because they’re for powerful game

You could go on eBay and pick up an SFAE Stick, or if you have an existing stick you can add PS2 support with an MC Cthulhu

I believe that there’s a regular here who’s been wanting to sell his HRAP2-SA. You might want to look into that as well.

Ikagi-chan wants to sell his HRAP 2 SA.
It is best Arcade Stick for PlayStation 2.
Get it from him.

yea shipping will probably be bad for the Korean stick but like i said i can get the snk stick for 65 not really looking to spend to much but thx for the advice guys and info on the other person selling

Aski Ikagi-chan what he’s asking for the HRAP2-SA first.

M. FEAR, I’ll send you a PM or Conversation as the new forum format calls them fairly soon. If you want to look for a PS2 stick, I do in fact have one I’m willing to sell, like jdm714 and d3v are saying (shoutouts to you guys though; I didn’t expect anyone to remember that! :rofl:)