Looking to buy stock te-s art

Where could i buy the stock te-s sheet/art metal/plastic that holds the buttons and joystick. I do not want a custom remake. I was thinking it would be easy to find if people were modding their te-s and changing the top art into a custom one. I would be willing to purchase it off of anybody given it is in decent condition.

Your best bet would be to create a WTB thread in the Trading Outlet sub-forum asking for a stock TE-S art panel, but you have to be a SRK member for at least 6 months with at least 50 posts in order to buy and sell things in the Trading Outlet.

Actually just to Sell and Trade.
He can Buy.

So just to clarify, are you looking for JUST the art, or do you also need the top metal panel as well? Also, what system? I have the TE-S art, with no panel, for the 360 which I’m not using for anything. It’s the black one with just Ryu. PM me if you you’re interested.

okay ill send you over a PM

okay ill send you over a PM