Looking to buy TE stick (xbox360)

Hey everyone, i’ve been a member for a while now just sorta inactive.

I’ve been looking to buy a TE stick for a long while now, i used to play on one until my brother moved out. If anyone is willing to sell me one for a little less than the obvious market price i’d appreciate it.

My max would be $100.

Every tournament i’ve played in for Street Fighter i come out top 3…
My last MvC3 Tournament i placed 2nd.

in need of a TE stick before my next tournament,
again thank you in advanced. -DreamEffect

You should post here http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?forums/trading-outlet.341/ for people looking to sell their TE stick. :smiley:

what do you place in cvs2 tournaments?

…thats what i thought

i haven’t played that game in a long time…
sad to say, never really played in a tournament for it…

okay, thank you.
i’ve never really used the site, just kinda read the forums
i appreciate it. <3

This belongs in the trading outlet.

I sent you a conversation. I have a TE that I may be able to part with.

Wolvie Phoenix Sent gets you places I guess

I’m not sure if one of those places is the Trading Outlet tho lol

Sent him a PM. Not sure where the guy is.