Looking to Change Madcatz PS3 Stick to 360

So i bought a madcatz ps3 stick used for 30 dollars, and bought a new joystick, sanwa buttons, mostly so i could play on pc. But Now i really want to get better and practice on xbox and go to some locals here in florida. I was wondering, if i could find or somehow get this stick modded to work for xbox. im not looking to waste what little money i have on dual modding, since i see the running price for a dual mod is 80 or so dollars. so im hoping I can find it cheaper to do somehow. Thanks.

Well you can just swap the PS3 PCB with a Xbox 360 compatible one.

You can get a PS360+ which does all the same things as a dual mod for $20 less or get a Mad Catz Fight Pad (Xbox 360 version) and pad hack that

Well i do own a sfxt fight pad that i dont use, but i have no knowledge on modding. So what what step should i take? find someone who can?

SFxT Fightpads pads can be easily padhacked, though this will require some modding expertise.

Well the PS360+ is great if you are inexperienced as you can get away with zero soldering
There are screw terminals for each connection.

If you want to go with the SFXT pad and can’t mod try this thread
[Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post.](Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

And you can find a moder who lives in your area.

If you live with in the Baltimore area, or do not mind shipping, I will do the mod for you for a reasonable fee.

i dont want to get the run around when i go looking for a modder, how much would a mod like this run me?

It depends on the modder to be honest. Some ask for $25- $35 not including any parts or materials.

Then again some modders are kinda weary with customer supplied parts and insist they use their own PCBs (which will up your costs).

i used this video for my first dual mod. soldering irons cost $6 dollars at walmart. you’ll be fine, if you run into trouble you can post pics of your progress and get helped through the rest of it

you can find the dpdt switch at radioshack for 4 dollars. you can make a hole in your stick with your soldering iron though a dremel type tool or drill would be best.


Like a hole to install the swith through.

He’s saying that with just a soldering iron the entire mod can be done, but he warns against it.

See soldering irons are just a rod with a tip and then it gets really hot, so it can go through plastic if you press it and hold it there for a bit.

I imagine that would also make the surrounding plastic around the hole terribly warped and ugly. But yeah, it’d get the job done.

Not really, a good iron will get very hot, there might be some warping on the inside of the case (if you iron from outside to in) but if you have a steady hand and keep the iron straight it should be like giving yourself a bootleg ear-piercing.

Also plastic doesn’t melt the way you’re thinking, the heat destroying the plastic is using its energy to do just that, destroy the plastic, it won’t spread like a flame and cause a horrible melted patch. It’s just unsafe and more work (you need to be more steady than with a drill because drills stop).

Never use a soldering iron to poke holes in plastic
its a quick way to ruin the tool, destroy your case and cause a fire.

@VanSword I have a 360 brawl stick that Im not using. I’ll give you the PCB’s with all the cables for a good price man. Just PM me if you’re still looking.