Looking to collect some hitbox (arcade stick) information

Firstly, I can’t find anything on this, because every time i search for a “Hitbox” anything all the technical data for attacks is what i get. -_- I wanted to buy one of these but they were too expensive so I’ve found myself with a gutted Xbox and i’m considering drilling it out and making it into a Hitbox since i never played with one and was interested in it.
However, i don’t know anything about them aside from that they replace the sticks with buttons. I don’t know the general button layout (for directionals I think it’s <,>,U,D from left to right.) and i’ve heard that they’re not tournament legal as well (something about being able to block both directions simultaneously?) So since i can’t find a compilation of any info on google i’ve come here in search of any information/links/videos more geared toward creating one then using one. But anything is helpful.



This too.
But it was already linked to in the second Thread above. :sad: