Looking to commision some work for teamspooky.com

Sup guys.

Currently I’m running page at www.teamspooky.com which is primarily used for tourney vid releases.

I’m interested in getting 2 headers made for the site, which I have a background script prepared for so they will rotate automatically as people navigate different sections of the website.

Here is what I am looking for:

The sizes should be 780pixels x 224 pixels.

I want one of the headers to have an ‘Arcana Heart’ theme to it. It should have the words ‘Team Spooky’ in there somewhere, you have lots of liberty on how to do that as long as its legible. It doesn’t matter to me if you use custom or official art from the game for this as long as it matches in well with the general color scheme of the site.

The second header should have a melty blood theme to it. I’d like you to include the Team Spooky text once more. (don’t worry about the team spooky text I already have at the top of the page, I’ll remove that once I have logos from you.)

I’d like to avoid the younger characters from this game being too prominent in the logo preferably not used at all unless you are going for an all character theme.

In total I’d like to offer $35 for this commission, so keep that in mind before you decide to undertake anything. I’m really looking for this to be somewhat professionally done so keep that in mind.

If you have any questions feel free to respond in the thread or drop me a pm.

My boy D never hit you up on this? Do you still want him to attempt it?

Man, I’ll do this for free.


Well, he did say custom or official art, so tons of people could do this in no time at all.

But pardon me, I had a question for Sp00ky on Friday or whenever that was, but I missed my chance to ask it. I have a friend that is really good at web design and development and I was curious if you were interested in a forum setup and maybe a theme/css/design sort of tweak/rebuild/overhaul.

I can collaborate with him and we can definitely hook you up with various things, but I just want to hear from you what you have in mind before I drag him on board, etc.