Looking to create a Street Fighter Documentary


Hi all,

Ever see the awesome gaming documentary “The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters?” Well I’m looking to create a documentary centered around Street Fighter. I want the documentary to focus on the series as well as a few key players. I even want to touch upon some of the games that have spawned off of the SF series (like the “Vs.” series of games) as well as get into things like real life rivalries, the minds and strategies of players, and any interesting side stories that are worth bringing forward. I want to understand the phenomenon and what makes it so compelling to you all.

I’m seeking the help of the SRK community to help me craft the best documentary possible! Please help me out by suggesting real-life players, issues, stories, or highlights to talk about. Anything you think would help make for a compelling documentary, I want to know about!

Thank you all in advance and I appreciate all your suggestions!


Just one piece of advice, STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND, DO IT… GOOOOOOOD SHIT if you can pull it off. Would love to read it.


You might want to head to evo, I would bet there will be good players there you can talk to.


Not to be a downer, but isn’t someone doing the same concept I think its called I Got Next or something. His name was Ian? I can’t remember :stuck_out_tongue:


is this some random idea of yours? Or are you an actual producer… No offense, but you seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about.


Didn’t that already come out last year?

I saw one documentary on the SF scene and I thought it was that one. It was pretty cool actually but wasn’t a whole lot like King of Kong… King of Kong was just so… so awesome.

I doubt anybody has as crazy of a personality as Billy Mitchel though, and his craziness is pretty much what makes that movie so great.




Tip: If you’re going to do this, please make sure you go through with it and don’t take an eternity to make it. It seems the gaming community, when it comes to making documentaries, takes their sweet ass time until all the hype is gone (e.g., I Got Next, King of Chinatown). Not saying it’s easy, but that’s why I’m skeptical toward these things now. I regret donating money only to see nothing for so long.


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