Looking to expand from the Capcom umbrella

I’ve been a lifelong Capcom fan from the moment I picked up SF2: WW, and since then, I never realized how I kinda really just stuck to their games. All of the SF2’s, SF3, SFIV and the Vs. series have been my main source of fighting game experience for pretty much my whole life.

My main point is that I know that there’s more stuff out there, and I think it would be good if I went out and looked at some of the other franchises that are out there, you know, for the sake of some variety. Do you think I could get some suggestions as to some pretty decent non-Capcom fighters? I know there’s a lot, but I just don’t know where to start…

insert list here

I’ll be glad to offer a few options for you
Like you, I’ve been playing SF for as long as I can remember
Then I too thought about expanding my fighters
Heres a few I’ve come to love
Guity Gear *by Arcs System Works
*(Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus is the latest)
Soul Calibur *by Namco
*(Soul Calibur 4 is the latest)
King of Fighters *by SNK Playmore
*(KOF 13 is coming out soon and looks really promising, though for the moment, skip 12 and go for 11 if you wanna try it out)
And a hidden gem but an oldie
The Last Blade 1 or 2 *by SNK
*(you can find Roms of these easily on the net…really deep game)

why don’t you just read the list of other fighters on this site? the only people who answer these threads earnestly are the outcast fighting game players hoping you’ll be duped into playing Platinum Bubble Star Pixies 3

Post of the year.

Are you looking for just fighters in general to brush up on the history of the genre, or popular fighters that are played at major tournaments nowadays.

If it’s the latter, your only real option is Blazblue, pretty much everything else is Capcom. Tekken 6 if you’re including 3D fighters.

Strategy Zone

King of Fighters - 2002 UM or XIII [13 isn’t out on consoles yet]. XII was horrible. KoF is more like Street Fighter than the rest of this list, but it’s a lot more offense-focused (and faster).

Guilty Gear Accent Core - The latest Guilty Gear; quite possibly the best new-school fighting game [series] ever made, but has a daunting learning curve. Daigo played Guilty Gear briefly but couldn’t keep up (in his own words) with the rest of top-level Japanese competition, if that says anything to you.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift - By Arc System Works, the makers of Guilty Gear. Blazblue was created because Guilty Gear had gotten “too hard”. It’s a good game to introduce people to new-school fighting games with, so you should play it.

Melty Blood Actress Again - US community started by 3s players, and it’s growing in popularity. Sadly, this is an import only title.

Thats a dumb thing to say
The mans only asking to broaden his fighting game knowledge and we’re trying to help
But with a PSN GT Slutbanger69…guess it was only natural

I’ve seen threads similar to this a thousand times and I’d rather the OP not turn into one of the people who always answer them who think they are fighting game renaissance men for sucking at 20 games instead of just sucking at 1. And like I said, all you need to do is read the list of games that have sub forums on this site for a list of games to try.

Currently played popular games:
SF Series: SSF4, MVC2 which I regularly play and upcoming MVC3 (cant wait)
Tekken: Currently Tek6 which I play as well - love it as well.
New KOF is not a series I have stuck too but will be giving it a try in the future, popular as well.

Resident Evil? I just had to.

Arcana Heart is ridiculous fun serious play or no, so is Melty Blood but you’d have to import. (and it’s a real pain in the ass)