Looking to get a supergun

So I’m thinking of getting a supergun and trying to find a good package, I really like the look/price of the SuperNOVA from MAS with the new small sticks but there seems to be a lot of horror stories about wait times from them, is there another good alternative? Any idea on what the wait time would be from MAS for one? Arcade in a box makes a pretty cool looking one, any feedback on that?

It will be used for almost all capcom fighting games.

Ty for any input.

Someone in the trade forums is selling one.


Unfortunately doesn’t have the sticks with it, meaning I have to buy sticks still(someone on ebay is selling the full shebang for 350) Otherwise I would probably jump on it.

Bizzump, supergun info is kinda hard to find

go to the Neo-geo.com website. There’s always discussion on superguns, and imo is the best place for info afik

Are there people on shoryuken.com who make superguns and sell them?