Looking to get better at blazblue


Im looking for a group of people to play with!
NOTE: i don’t have an arcade stick yet! im getting one in a couple of weeks.


XBL, or PS3? If XBL feel free to send me a message(on xbl) I’ll be available tomorrow, I’d recommend getting a run down on the basics of the game first either through tutorial, or on dustloop in the General discussion or character specific threads.


Thx man! i hope to play some matches with ya soon!


Hey So I usually play SF games, but I saw the new BB extend, and I wanted to try it. I finally bought it and was wondering if anyone else wanted to play, and help me with the ropes? I dabbled with some gg back in the day, but other then that i am entirely new.


I’m sure plenty of people would like to help out, but if you don’t tell us how to find you - either XBL, PSN or RL, I don’t think you’re going to get a lot of response.


Right my bad, I am on the west coast, xbl my gamertag is kaedotadashi, and I live in the las vegas area.


Well, for starters, if you live near Vegas, you darn well better be going to Evo; There will be a pretty reasonable number of BB players there, and I’m sure you can get in some serious casuals and learn a lot from some very experienced players. BB may not be an official game this year, but I think it’s a safe bet there’ll be some folks in attendance.

Heck. Sign up for this! http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?14155-BlazBlue-Continuum-Shift-Extend-at-EVO2k12


I’m also looking to get better, if anyone here is on PSN my name is jackandrew88 (located in Portland, OR)


Gamertag on XBL jfierce

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