Looking to get into A3 and some other shit on kaillera

I’m looking to get into kaillera. I’ve played before but I wasd gatting owned by lag zangiefs so I quit lol. Anyway I suck at a3 because I dont know much about the game. I use fucking a ism akuma and ryu lol.

Anyway where can I find players close to NY on kaillera that are decent at alpha 3? I would just like something different to play.

Its ok scoot we know you suck at everything =P

I’m going to have to own you now :tup:


Didn’t me and alex try to show you how to play A3?

I played like 1 time for an hour lol. Plus im not asking anyone to show me how to play. I just want people to play that dont suck total ass.

There are plenty of people in Kaillera that can rape you… Go look for them

Shit I would like people to show me how to play, I cant cc for shit so slide told me to use sim.

I love A3 only because Dhalsim is TT.
And Zangief rocks too.

You are going to play Sim because you cant crouch cancel?

thats a pretty weak reason but OK lol

Slide’s just bitter that Dhalshim owns all his characters for free :encore:
Seriously though, use Gief. If all the scrubs knew what was up, Kal a3 would turn into Super Gief-fest Champion Edition

P.S. I still wuv you Slide :lovin:

:sad: I suck but we can play if you want. I’m not home now but just let me know I need a diversion from CvS2XBL badly!

I will just practive V akuma for a little while and bust all your asses. :tup:

I think he meant custom combo…

Indeed I do

Question… What emulator should I get? I’m not sure what most people play capcom games on. I dont want to be sitting around waiting for games and everyone has a different emulator.

mame32k 0.64

Play KOF98. Drew lives in manhattan and I’m on LI, we’d both probably be willing to play you. If you want to play 2k2, Drew can play you in that, I personally dislike the game.

Whatever you do, use may3 mame.

Ok i’ve been playing alpha 3 for like a half hour now online. So far its ass. It’s always around 1/4 to 1/2 a second of delay with some hiccups so far which is shitty as hell. Fights are all out randomness.

Anyway my ping was 19 and other people always had a ping a little higher. Do the connections get better then this?

Btw whats up with the excellent and good settings for keyframes? I tried both and it seemed the same both times.

Btw to the guy that wants me to play kof. own to play a some. I want to learn how to play that anyway. I never played any kof games at all really. I can assure you i have no basic knowledge of what to do in that game. At least in alpha i can play footsies and shit :D. Garou looks like something i really want to play though.

I think Ren already knows the basics and can probably teach you. If you’ve ever used N-Ryu KOF plays a lot like he does.

Yeah I can play some N ryu. I’m up for kof but the lag on kaillera seems pretty gay right now.

Damn i made some serious typos in that last post lol.