Looking to improve

So I started playing SSF4 (Not AE) about 1 and a half months ago, and am absolutely loving it. So I’d like to say I’m pretty good (I can beat the CPU on hard consistently and most of the time V.Hard, and I can now beat any of my button-mashing friends about 8/10 times) but I know for sure I’m not. I’m looking to drastically improve my game. I’m looking to buy a fightstick (I want something that is pretty decent, any suggestions are welcome) because I know in the long run, that’ll help my game. I am looking to main Akuma/Adon/Ryu because I like the way they play and my favourite pro players use them (Infiltration, Gamerbee and Daigo). So I’ve started looking at frame data and watching some online tutorials and I think I’m starting to understand the basics (block-block-block and throw out some safe pokes, and if they hit then combo them into a special and then if you can a super/ultra). So I’m watching VesperArcade’s Youtube tutorials and taking notes etc. What I’m asking, is that am I on the right track? Also should I invest in Xbox Live so I can play online? Any help is welcome.

PS. If I was to play online and got beat pretty bad and then messaged the victor asking what they noticed were weak points about my game and what I could improve, how many people do you think would respond with helpful tips, and how many people do you think would just respond with trolling

It’s a great game and I just want to get better maybe play some tournaments one day :slight_smile:

I also realized there may already be an existing thread on something like “A beginners guide to SSF4” or similar, but I can’t find anything on SRK. If someone doesn’t want to answer my question, is it possible to link me to an existing thread?

It’s awesome you want to get better at SSF4! Here’re some links for you:

Domination 101 by Seth Killian - http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/domination-101
Series of articles on the mentality of tournament players.

Footsie Handbook by Maj - http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702
A ton of great information and general strategy of anything footsies. The fundamentals he explains can be applied in other games but were written for Street Fighter.

Playing to Win by Sirlin - http://www.sirlin.net/ptw/
Covers some similar topics as Domination 101. A must read if you’re aspiring to be a tournament player.

And as for people responding when you ask them for help, I’d estimate only about 20% of people you asked would troll you.

I message people all the time! Had no trolls, the odd “you got lucky…” and some requests to help people cheat their way through the achievements (I don’t help) but other than that it’s been constructive. Asking what your weak points were may be troll-bait though…maybe start with a simple “Wanna go again?” and after a couple of rounds ask what they noticed. They’ll be happy for the free BP and know your game better, so the advice will work out better too.