Looking to interview Arcade Infinity players - SoCal


Hey, my name is Vito Gesualdi and I’m a journalist for GameZone.com. I’m shooting a short piece about the closing of Arcade Infinity in Rowland Heights, CA and I’m looking for players who’d like to be interviewed. I’ll be shooting footage tomorrow, Tuesday the 10th around 8:00pm - and again on the date AI is supposedly having their last night, Saturday the 15th. Interested in players of any games, not just Street Fighter. If you’d like to show up to be interviewed on either of these dates, please contact

VitoGesualdi AT gmail.com

Try and get in touch with me before 5:00 tomorrow if possible. Thanks!


tuesday the 11th*


I too had planned to have a feature for the closing of AI, but am happy to hear of folks who are making good initiative as well. There are plenty of great folks you could speak to and I hope your work turns out to be a sentimental project.


AI is no longer closing, but I’m sure the exposure would still be greatly appreciated.


You can interview me. I’m the reason AI is still open. Also I own AI 3s.