Looking to make a crew



I’m looking to form a crew in which we could practice & go to tournaments i prefer the teammates to be in new york more specifically in brooklyn close to next level where we could use wht we trained in tournaments anyway i probably shouldn’t be putting this up under fei long but i’m a fei long player whose also looking for a fei long tutor or teacher add me on xbl if you guys are down with a crew or if you could help me learn fei long xXx2 SliickxXx


You misspelled fei long in the section under your name.


Yo I’m so down for this
PM later so we can talk dude


I’m in NY and I go to next level


jason u would have to train me in order for me to be a good ass fei long player like u anyway u could add me on xbl & we could practice up bro i have experience with other characters like rufus akuma viper chun-li cammy & others so i could teach u those match up’s if need be


I’m in Queens, but I would like for someone to help my game or help out anyone new to the char.

Gt: EB Chief Rekka.


New Fei player. I go to NL Fridays. On xbl:jobronze . just looking to surround myself with better player to level since I stepped away from the game for 2 years