Looking to make Honda my #2!



I settled on Cammy as my main after messing around for a bit. I just seemed to do a lot better with her than anyone else at first - little did I know how much Cammy hate there is out there. But… what about Honda? I love his character and attitude, but I guess, based on some of what I’ve read here so far, he’s one of the weaker characters in the game? How hopeless is it? Seems a lot of people agree he’s going to get a damage buff, which would make sense for him of all characters, but that might not make much of a difference if all the other low-tier characters half his size get their damage buffed too?

In any case, I’ve made low tier characters work in other games (Siegfried and Leixia are my mains in Soul Calibur 5) so I’m going to do the best I can with him - you’ll all be hearing more from me!


Welcome on this board, then. I’m glad you like honda, he is a great character. Regarding his strength, he is not weak at all - mid tier at worst, I’d say upper mid. He is a solid character, but with many loopsided matches - you have matches where you completelly dominate, but others where you have a tough time.