Looking to make joystick compatabile with system for snes/nes emus - Need suggestions

I recently got my game pad hooked up correctly. At the moment it is only compatible with xbox 360. It works perfectly. Anyway I would to get a system up and running so I can run some old console emulators. Originally I wanted to hook it up to a Wii classic controller, but that takes allot of work.

I have a Wii (modded). Any other suggestions that you guys can reccomend? Basically my goal is to get my arcade box to play snes and nes.


A game pad or stick that is compatible with Windows (ie a 360 pcb, hacked or otherwise) will work with emus. You just need to map the buttons in the emu itself.

A 360 pcb is compatible with windows? I have a madcatz arcade stick pcb (the ugly cheap one). Works great on the 360. How would I get it to recognize with windows? Just plug and play? How about drivers?


Look here for 360 drivers.

Get a PS2 stick and converters for both of those systems. On the Xbox there are solid emulators for both the NES and SNES. I’m pretty sure it’s the same situation on Wii.

Tons of good NES, SNES and Genesis emulation on Wii, yeah.

it worked!

Ima stick with the pc. Ill bring the laptop out to the tv and play through that if I have to :smiley:

Are you using the dpad on it? Glad to hear that it’s working.

I heard the FS3 is completely pc compatable from the box.

Yes I am using the directional pad as my signal for my joystick. Im running windows seven so I had to download a driver for it from Microsoft. Other from that every emulator is running it no problem.