Looking to mod a Mad Catz SE


I picked up an SE model a while back, the stick is pretty horrible so I ordered a Sanwa JLF stick, GT Y octagonal gate and a full set of OBSF buttons while I was at it. I’d like to use it on PC as well but unfortunately it doesn’t agree with my USB chipset and an attempt at adding a (possibly compatible) VIA chip have given me nothing but headaches with regards to driver compatibility. Can anyone recommend a good PCB for PS3/PC compatibility?

On a less urgent note is there somewhere that ships good alternative artwork, these sticks are pretty old now so I don’t hold too much hope.


My favorite PS3/PC PCB is probably the Toodles Cthulhu Multi-Console PCB. You can buy it at Focusattack.


If PS3/PC are the only two platforms that are important to you, your best bets are:

The Cthulhu is definitely the better PCB, but the ZD Encoder is dirt-cheap.


Does the Cthulhu come with an external USB?


Anyone have an extra PS3 SE PCB laying around that they would like to sell?


Not sure what you mean there. It has a USB jack on it, you have to add your own cord.


Yeah I perhaps didn’t phrase that too well. The stick currently has a USB cable that runs from inside the case. The cable is secured onto the case by one of those rubber band fixers (sorry I have no idea what they are called but everything with a lead has them). Does the cthulhu use this cable, does it provide a new cable, or do you have to purchase your own cable? From the description it would imply that you need your own USB cable which isn’t a problem, I’m just worried about that aforementioned band that secures the cable to the case.


The Cthulhu doesn’t come with any cables.
You can use the USB-B jack that’s on there, or solder directly to some solder-points.


Given your stated goals, there’s no reason to dual mod with your existing PCB. I’d disconnect it (but leave the turbo panel to avoid a large hole in the stick) and install the Cthulhu from scratch. I recommend using a short USB cable as a jumper to a USB pass through, allowing you to have a detachable, easily replaceable cable. You’ll have to drill a hole for the pass through in this scenario.

Alternately, if you went with the Zero Delay board mentioned, I’d just run the cable that comes with it through the existing USB cable slot in the same fashion as the stock one is.

To answer your question more directly, the Cthulhu does not come with any cables or wiring. The Zero Delay comes with all you need.


About that home/turbo panel, when modding has anyone every just removed and overlayed artwork?


I’ve done a few SE sticks and I always remove the turbo panels. There are certain pcb setups that offer turbo panel support but I never used it when the stick was stock so I never looked into the mod…just overlay artwork exactly…


Do you cover the hole with anything to prevent the art cover from sagging?


That is optional. Some people actually go as far as patch the hole in the metal panel. How is kinda up to you.
Best solutions I seen, people treat it as an automotive panel and use metal inserts and bondo. Others just use a epoxy putty.
Make sure when dry and set, you sand the new patch flat and smooth.

How to go about it? I never done it so I can’t tell you.


I finally received and installed the ZD USB encoder and got rid of the old PCB. Seems to be working well for PC but had to rotated the joystick as it seemed to be oriented differently. Doesn’t seem to be picked up on PS3 but I’ll try and figure that one out - the priority was always to have it working on PC first and foremost. I’m having trouble connecting the start and select buttons, what is the best way to connect two crimped 4.8mm terminals together?


You can rearrange the pins in the harnesses rather than rotating the pcb.

What is it doing when you plug it into the ps3? What games are you trying with it?

Not sure what you mean about connecting 4.8mm terminals.


The zero delay has turbo functionality.


And there are any number of artist on the boards here that you can commission. You could also commission an artist from deviant art. More expensive and not necessarily any better. Then there are several places you can go to get the art printed: game on grafx, emdkay, Jasenscustoms, arthong. I would recommend vinyl for the SE, and my go to its Jasenscustoms.


When I plug it into the PS3 nothing is picked up, the centre LED on the PCB lights up green but there is no response, with the old madcatz PCB the turbo panel including the home button had stopped working but the stick was picked up on when plugged-in on the XMB. On PC it is perfectly plug & play, everything works perfectly. I’ll include a picture to show how I have wired it, perhaps you can spot something.

<img src=“https://us.v-cdn.net/5020525/uploads/FileUpload/78/e5b8ea7a99fd8eb60b399322fdf178.jpg” />


I managed to get it working on the PS3, turns out I needed the home button to activate so I am going to need to attach an extra button on to the case. Any advice for drilling through would be much appreciated, the case seems it may be very brittle and not best suited for drilling.