Looking to mod my 360 FightStick SE to work with Metal Slug Anthology (Wii)

In order to get it working with Metal Slug Anthology I’d have to get it working as a GameCube controller, and it’d have to run in analog mode (since the game doesn’t recognize the d-pad on a GameCube controller). The SE fightstick does have a switch to toggle between D-Pad, left stick, and right stick. What are my best options for pulling this off? Thanks!

try the MC Cthulhu … maybe this will work


Would the Cthulhu board preserve the analog mode switch on the stick?

That particular stick switching mode is unique to the Madcatz stick. The Cthulhu can do something similar, but not using the same toggle built into the stick.

By default, the Cthulhu triggers both the d-pad and any primary analog direction simultaneously. I know it does in PC, PS3, and Xbox modes, at least. I think Gamecube is the same. Additionally, you can set it to emulate only the d-pad or only the analog by holding a particular button during startup.

If on the off chance that the Gamecube mode doesn’t work that way, you can always talk to Toodles about it. It’s his baby and he’s generally happy to work with people on implementing new features if they’re feasible. As an early MC Cthulhu customer, I can say I’m very satisfied at the product he delivers and I believe it would serve your purposes in this capacity.

You may want to drop a post in the Cthulhu thread ahead of time just to make sure, though.

It does on gamecube as well. I forget which is which, but holding down Start or Select when plugging in makes it report as ONLY left analog or d-pad, but the default reporting to both works on pretty much every game automagically.

I may be biased, so take this with a grain of salt and check around, but if the ability to use a stick, and have the stick report as the left analog stick of a gamecube, is your requirement, I don’t know of any products other than mine that can do it. Between the UPCB and an MC Cthulhu, installation of an MC Cthulhu into a MadCatz stick would be much easier than installation of a UPCB. The downside is that I don’t have the Instructables up yet showing you how to solder a Gamecube cable to a MC Cthulhu, or install a Cthulhu into a MadCatz stick, up yet. They are planned, but school is hitting me pretty hard this week.

Thank you for answering my question Toodles. I’m a little torn, as from what I understand the UPCB would allow me to use the MadCatz stick on my Dreamcast, N64, Genesis, SNES, etc. as well as on the Wii (as a GameCube controller). The UPCB would also guarantee that the stick is never obsolete, as the firmware could always be updated for future consoles. Can the MC Cthulhu be firmware updated?

Niether supports N64 yet. Dreamcast support on a UPCB requires hacking a Dreacast controller to a special piggyback connector, very similar to how most dual-pcb wiring jobs are done; you can read the Instructable for more on what would be required. SNES and NES will be the next consoles added to the MC Cthulhu, after I get some more feedback on how the existing systems work. Genesis is supported in the UPCB, and will not ever be added to the MC Cthulhu due to a technical limitation.

MC Cthulhu firmware can be updated.

Will the MC Cthulhu support the Saturn? I do have an Innovation Saturn-to-DC converter if so, that could be a solution.

Saturn’s a bitch. I can’t say for sure one way or the other yet. But the MC Cthulhu playstation code works just fine with my Innovation converter on Dreamcast.

Is there any input lag using either the MC Cthulhu or UPCB? BTW thanks again Toodles for giving me such thorough and prompt answers to my questions!