Looking to play other EU players


Hi every one, I’m an American serving overseas and currently stationed in Italy. I’m a huge fighting game fan and currently playing SF4 heavily. However, I’m having a very difficult time raising my Battle Points in SF4 beyond 3500. By no means do i have a lack of opponents. Frankly i get challenges in the arcade mode all the time. Unfortunately the connection of most challenges is one bar or less. These challenges usually come from players back in the states. To save myself the frustration with lag, i usually decline these matches.

On the flip side, connection with other European players (French, German, Spanish, Italian, UK etc) is usually great! 3 bars are better is the norm. Reluctantly, I haven’t met many EU players in the 3000 battle point range. I’m not saying they are not out there, I just haven’t had the privilege to play most of them. And while i love to play other EU players, most are novices and winning those matches does little to improve my Battle Point score.

I’m a firm believer that in order to improve your skill you have to play other players either at your skill level or higher, so I’m making this attempt to reach out to any other SF4 competitors in Europe around this skill level. I would love just to get in some competitive player matches and hopefully learn and improve my skills. My PSN gamer tag is SwiftInTheNight and I’m usually on between the hours of 1700-2200 GMT+1.

If SF4 is not your fancy, i certainly entertain other PS3 fighting game matches in Soul Caliber 4, BlazBlue, HD Remix, and Tekken 6. You can also find me on the www.2DFighter.com community with the same gamer tag, SwiftInTheNight, where i play Third Strike often. If interested please feel free to send me a PM either here on SRK or on the PSN. Thank you all and i look forward to your challenges. :china:


Nice to know you’re in Italy.
Can’t really tell you anything useful about online play. But… Join our forum (feel free to write in english, it’s perfectly fine), hopefully you’ll find some competition:

We have monthly tournaments for 3s and - yes - SFIV in Milan and Rome, btw!


glad to see another soldier suffering with the same problem. im stationed in germany and ive been looking for local players to get offline sessions with. since i cant find any, im hosting a tournament april 9th 2010 here in wiesbaden, its going to be on post also. ive been putting out flyers to the local gamestops and inviting local nationals/germans to enter the event. so yeah, thats what i did, anyways PS3: Eternitys_Sake if u want a match. peace


Awesome, thanks for the info guys sorry for such late responses!


For germany, you can always check hardedge.org, there are a lot of events going on in germany, especially SSFIV at the moment of course.

There will be Bad Cann City Clash in 2 weeks which is a 4 day event in stuttgart, that’s a 2h drive from wiesbaden.


Plus, the next FFM rumble (in Frankfurt obviously :rofl:) will take place in a few weeks to months.
There are also meetings in NRW, mostly in the cologne area (I host one of the events, I’ll post here when the next one is coming up ;))


BP means fuck all. lol Add me if u want tRunes101 like 5900 BP and 4300 PP


So the next FFM Rumble has been announced:

Super FFM-Rumble 4 on 02.10.2010 sponsored by Capcom, Mad Catz, Zen United, HeadUp, HORI, Flashpoint - Meetings & Matches - Hardedge - Fighting with style

It will take place on 2010-10-02 in Frankfurt, you’ll find further information (in german) in the above thread.

You can signup for the event in the thread on hardedge.org, just leave your nickname and your tournament game (there’ll be tournaments in SSFIV, BB:CS and MvC2).