Looking to play

i want to play and can get dropped off. who wants to play , hit me up. my ride possibility ends an noon:) i can buy you beer! :karate: woo, lost your number. alex, you too. lspecs, where’d you go? and patmonsta are you open or what? Open friendly challenge anyone?

Where you from and what you play? If you play any mvc2 at all, i got a homie that comes over every week or so and he wouldn’t mind picking you up if you weren’t too far away from us, and he’d even drop you off. I know nothing can happen today but, meh, future thinking.

EDIT: my homie would appreciate the beer tho lol.

Sent you a pm.

Welp i made it out to sunnyvale golfland and only chunks is here. he’s being a golf land lacky tho. for an hour or so more. someone come by. its gonna be a marvel day.

I don’t think i know you (correct me if i’m wrong), but if you ever feel like offering to buy beer again, let me know and i’ll meet you at any arcade in the Southbay, ahaha.

beat me in marvel i’ll buy you a drink sure :karate: bring herb.

Lol. And with that, a scene was born…:yawn:

Alright, swing by sometime. i’m free today actually. anyone else who wants to go. pm me. i have a dc marvel set up in sf.

Will you buy me a beer for every game I beat you?

hmmm… you should put something up then. i likeweed:) andyou’ll have2 drink the beer as well. but sure lets work something out.

looks like im gonna be at sfsu tomorrow at 11-12ish.

I’m waiting on someone. if time allows i’ll come play you. btw got herb?

check pm

yo anyone know were the pittsburgh thread is, im new, and where can ppl schedule offline matches, i heard this from M.KaijinJin.

Quick question, who likes some big ol’ tittays?


We play mvc2, ggac, cvs2, kof, 3s, and super turbo. If you are looking for Tekken, hit up Zaibatsu.

Cvs2 and marvel Crack hour at my pad. 4 -6 people. wednesday at 6pm. indoor weed ok. cigs outside. pm me to inquire.

Will there be bitches?