Looking to possibly create SFA tutorials


I’m basically an all around fighting game enthusiast who just wants to be as good as a lot of you guys are when you play these games.

I’ve done some small websites with the intention of helping people get better mostly using the video people put up on youtube.

I recently decided to look up stuff to cover the Street Fighter Alpha series but there is not much out there on youtube(or maybe there is and I’m just not aware.)

So my main objective is to create a some introduction video tutorials for Street Fighter Alpha. I figured 3 seemed to be the most popular because it had all of the isms so I’d like to go with that. I want to get into the system of the game all the little systems that are particular to the Alpha series.

I have the ability to edit video and put them together so all I need is some good footage with the explanations for what the videos go over. I want to do character tutorials as well no combo videos(starter combos are fine) just things people really should know to understand how to play with the character.

If your interested just PM me. I’m getting some time at the beginning of April so that is mainly when I would be able to get this stuff done and out there. I will give credit so no worries of that. If you have another fighting game you’d like to help with please don’t hesitate to say.