Looking to record SSFIV AE PC Ed. footage - How can I do this?

I play AE on PC, and I want to be able to record my footage. Can anyone tell me what the best way of doing this is?

Is there a program I can download that will record my screen and put it into a video format?


I believe there’s a program called fraps that lets you record your computer screen.

Fraps tends to be pretty crappy these days compared to better coded alternatives. Fraps really hits your CPU hard and does not use your GPU at all so even if you have a beast of a system your FPS will take a huge dive. This probably wouldn’t be a big deal if you’re simply watching replays but if you’re trying to record while playing I wouldn’t suggest it.

One program that I’ve personally used and works great for good quality 1080p without killing your PC is Playclaw (google it). The free version allows you to use all the options but you’ll get a bouncing playclaw logo but I think that’s the only limitation. There are probably a few other alternatives out there but Playclaw I know works well with AE PC.

Thanks! I’ll for sure give PlayClaw a try.

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

If you want to see an example of video quality then hereis a video I made. It’s a WoW video but it does include some SFIV: AE footage which sort of plays off of a guild joke (a russian chick who plays for us is commonly referred to as Zangief and she has no clue what it means). Yeah, I know, it’s WoW but at least I play for Pals for Life (Leeroy video) so it’s a bit less awful :slight_smile:

Just turn on 1080p quality and you’ll get to see how good your footage could come out.

ohhh cool! Are you using the paid version?

Any capture software that is GL based (like FRAPS) is better than screen capture (camtasia etc.). Since you;re capturing AND encoding on the same PC you will run into performance issues.
Easiest way to get better recording framerates is to use a smaller resolution such as 720p.

Yeah, I’m using the paid version.

There is always splitting the video and audio output to another computer that can record it. It can save performance a lot but will require more money due to capturing devices.