Looking to remap restart button PC


I have to hit the ( . ) on my keyboard every time I want to restart in practice mode.

I’m on PC and select/home button are not in use and would like to remap one of those two buttons to restart in p mode.

Is there a regedit I can change in SF5 folder to change the key or find some way to make the game think select button is Period( . ) on my keyboard to restart?



Joytokey or autohotkey, maybe?
Joytokey should let you do that easily, as the newest version supports Xinput controllers.


joytokey does look like it will work, I can use this, but I was hoping I could just go into SF5 folder and edit a file to change the key bind for restart to my joystick number 7 button, instead of using a program.

thanks though for your input, and I dl joytokey and going to use it.

if anyone has a way to edit a file in sf5 folder to change the settings to my 7 button on my stick, please let me know! thanks