Looking to remove TE TURBO Panel! What are my options?


Hey Guys,

So I decided to update my Round 1 TE stick with one of ARTS Plexiglas covers and wanted to maximize all the real estate on the stick. Going the 6 button layout seems like the obvious choice but I’m left with the turbo panel. Now I don’t use the turbo panel at all but I do use home button pretty frequently so I had an idea…I wanted to move the whole turbo panel into the cable storage area. Has this been done before or does it sound like a stupid idea? Any input would greatly be appreciated…Also one key thing to note is I’m trying to keep cost done to a bare minimum so ideas of purchasing separate buttons specifically for the home button or other board options are things i want to avoid.

Thanks in advance guys

  • Alex


If you cant spend an extra $3 for a guide button, just leave it.


Well to be fair just to have that part shipped to me would be $6.05 in shipping alone (freaking crazy for just one part) which brings the total to $9.04 BUT I’ll check at my local radio shack and see if they have the part in stock. Might be a viable option if I can score it just for 3 bucks and change. Thanks for the input though.


i liked the idea of extra face space from removing the turbo panel so i just moved my guide button to the back button on the stick. There’s not many uses for the back button in street fighter except for the training mode.


umm if u dont want a button u could always wire the select button to a dpdt switch and based on the switch u can have it to either be a home button or select button. but the only problem with this is u will have to find a way to put a dpdt switch somewhere accessible


This sounds like the ticket. I can’t think of many uses for the select button in a lot of fighting games either. How would I go about switching it over to the select button?


just figure out what the signal and ground is from the pcb, not the panel, and then wire it into your back button. i’m not very good with wiring, but i figured it out, so it’s should be too hard, and it cost a thing.


Rewire the select button as the home button, cover up the turbo with artwork and plexi.


Why DPDT? They are both going to ground, a regular SPDT switch would work fine.

…but…if you are going to go through that trouble why not just make another hole for the button instead.


if you remove your turbo panel I am looking to buy one.


I was going to say dremel out the plastic to the guide/ turbo area, order a custom plexy, and ether rewire back/select as your new home button, have a switch, SPDT works well enough i sure people said DPDT because its stuck in our lexcon, or instal a cheap push button. Radio Shack or Frys should have small push buttons. It not be a sanwa but it would work.