Looking to replace my joystick....hori to korean joystick


I have had my hori HRAP 3-SA for a few years now, and sadly about a month ago, the joystick stopped working. I want to change my joystick to a Korean lever, here is the part that I am looking to get… http://www.focusattack.com/crown-303-fk-korean-joystick-clear-black/

I am new to the whole arcade stick mod scene and have no idea how or what I should be doing, so here are a few questions that I have regarding this task…

  1. Will the joystick from the link about be usable in my Hori HRAP 3-SA? If not, then can someone recommend something that will work?
  2. Is there a better option for a Korean joystick replacement?
  3. How do I go about replacing the joystick, and what tools would I need to do so\
  4. Is there anything I should know about that will help me to upgrade my stick?


are you sure the joystick doesnt work and it is not another issue?

Crown-FK are a straight swap for the JLF sanwa joystick, you might need to get the harness and adaptor to keep the wiring simple though.
Literally it is a drop in replacement. All you need is a philips head screwdriver


Above is correct if you want a drop in. Although I haven’t heard great things in their precision department. From what I hear its a guessing game as to weather you get a decent stick. A lot of people say the replacement rubber that @wazwuz sells makes them pretty sweet. You can also get a replacement crown shaft from PAS and throw a balltop on it.

Hope this helps.