Looking to resurface my MAS SuperPro Stick

I have a full-size MAS SuperPro PS2 that is about to celebrate it’s fifth or so (like it matters) birthday. The cabinet and controls inside are absolutely perfect. Only the top surface appears to have suffered from the strains and stress of daily use. That lami-vinyl what-ever it is, crap used as top-art, has started to peel away as if palm/hand moisture from all that use has finally taken its toll. And given that I know many of SRK’s custom builders have the default MAS template and measurements on hand, I was wondering if someone could let me know what exactly my options are in resurfacing the unit to something resembling it’s former self or giving it a new look altogether or even being able to direct me to an individual who deals in this sort of thing. In a perfect world, I would like to place some SSFIV art on the top under a thin (as in MC:TE type thin) plexi panel. However, if that is currently not feasible or too expensive, I am just as fine with another vinyl coating like the one (using the art I want) I am looking to replace.

Any help, please? Thank-you. :china: