Looking to start a local FGC. Any suggestions for locations that might be willing to host? Reno, NV


There’s pretty much no scene here for SFV or any other fighting game that isn’t Smash, and I wanted to change that.
The one issue I’m having so far is finding somewhere in town to host it. I really just need tables, plugs, and a roof. Any suggestions on where to look?

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I dunno what’s come over me but I think I’ll try being helpful in a thread misposted here for once, must be the festive season.

Try the following,

  • Churchs
  • Pubs
  • Village halls of nearby villages
  • Various community groups and associations often have rooms to let
  • College buildings

Make sure you know your budget, how much your charging as venue fee and how many regulars you can expect and stick to it, don’t count students as reliable members when budgeting for venues as they will disappear in the college/university holidays and potentially disappear altogether when they finish their course.

Also you say you only need tables, chairs and a roof but how many setups are you running and how are you getting them there, you need either storage or somewhere for you and other members who are bringing the setups to park their cars.


Thank you! Where should I post stuff like this for future reference?


Either regional matchmaking or fighting game discussion.


Colleges themselves might be a starting point of a place to play for sure with chairs/tables/electricity they probably won’t bill you on for using that day like say a comic book store or something would remember to do.

Ah Iduno also said college buildings above.


I’m also interested in establishing a fgc in Reno


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