Looking to startup a scene in Terre Haute!


Hey guys, been playing fighters for a little over a year before SF4 came out. I’m looking to start up a local scene at my House in Terre Haute. hit me up on XBL(x260 Houtori) or send me a text on my cell # at 812-605-2792. My house is almost always open for casuals anytime I’m home. i have 2 TVs for setups and PS3 and Xbox, also have alot of older fighters for PS2 and dreamcast. Havn’t seen many posts from players around here and I’d like to get a scene started up, so please don’t be shy!


way overdue, but we are gonna try and get a day for weeklies started at eBash the local game center. i dont know if you check this anymore but ill keep you updated and tell you if we get it.


It’s a bit of a drive from where you guys are and you’re just as close to Indy, but we’ve got a bit of a building scene down here in Evansville if you guys got your crew together and we got ours we could at least organize a little crew battle or something.