Looking to trade for a Custom Arcade stick

Basically I have many things to offer in return for someone making me a custom arcade stick. I have a new Xbox 360 60 GB Pro Model. A new 20" LCD TV. A nice GPS for your car. And a bunch of other electronics and stuff, ask me if there is something you really want or need and I will see if I have it.

Ideally what I would like in the stick would be this.

  • Sanwa 30mm buttons…prob 6 button but maybe 8 depending on if I change my mind.
  • I want a close curved layout similar to the TE
  • Sanwa joystick with octo gate ( I may switch to iL stick with round gate…I dunno I’ve been feeling this setup)
  • Custom art which I will provide
  • Works on Ps3 and 360
  • The box doesn’t have to be anything too fancy just nothing really cheapo.

I will also take offers on existing sticks that have been built providing you can put my custom art on it. Only serious builders please…no first timers.

Send me a PM if interested. Thanks.

I would have loved to trade with you, but you are a Jun 2009 member.

Also this would have belonged on the trading forum.

#1 - Where is this trading forum you speak of?

#2- So what if I’m a June 2009 member. I am a trustworthy person willing to trade for a nice stick.

Forum rules state that you can’t sell or trade on here until you have been here for 6 months and have 50 posts. Now if you were just looking to buy and tossed out some money then you can go right into the trading outlet and buy a stick.

I see. Thanks for the info.