Looking to unload some stuff (joysticks, games)

I have a few items that, although (for the most part) I have enjoyed my time with them, I don’t have the time to use them as much as I like, and would like to sell them to guys that will give them more personal attention.

Gamecube with Smash Brothers Melee
I played Smash on my Gamecube at most four times. Console and game are in great condition.

$40 shipped as package deal, will sell separately upon request

Xbox 360 Games
NCAA 08- $15
Assassin’s Creed- $20

To whom it may concern- Don’t freak out, I’ll probably pick up COD and VF5 again eventually…

Hit me up with your offers via PM and I’ll set you up with my Paypal information. I will not accept money orders, checks, or bitchassness.

Thank you for shopping at Chachimart.

PM sent

do u have a picture of the hrap?

I’ll need to get a hold of my roommate’s digital camera so I can get in a few shots of what I’m describing.

I will have them up by tomorrow, but don’t expect anything pretty.

i could use the parts they might come in handy one day

PM sent

HRAP1 is sold and will be shipped out tomorrow.

MAS Systems Super Pro Joystick (PS2)
-This used to be my stick of choice for online and offline tournament/casual play. The buttons still work great, the Happ Comp stick is a little loose for my liking, but I can still pull off moves consistently on it. The bottom panel was lost during the move to my new place, but that shouldn’t interfere with normal use.


asking $80 shipped, will listen to reasonable counter-offers

I’ll take it.

im gonna fkn shoot myself ini the dick i cant believe i missed the hrap fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

wow a HRAP for 30 shipped :looney: thats luck.

Dont sell vf5 nooooooooooooooooooooooooo d:

MAS stick is sold.

COD4 is sold.

First post edited to show what items are still available, may put some other stuff up later…

sell your vf5 to blkdan on irc in #capcom that asshole keeps saying he is waiting for the price to go down for 25 bucks he cant complain or leraldo


VF5 off the board.

i just got the hrap 1 for 30 shipped and it was one of the best 30$ i ever spent. the mirror finish is MINT. dude u gotta take off the overlay hahaha. but ya the plastic is chewed and ill have to replace SOME parts from a spare tekken 5 stick. but basically thanks for the sale.

No problem. I hope you get more out of it than I did. :tup: