Looking to upgrade Xbox 360 TES fightstick


I’m currently looking into replacing the pcb first before swapping out the joystick and buttons. Looking at the Brook Universal Fighting board, however I cant find anything on how to install it into a TES or if I have to solder anything. I would also like to take out the turbo panel if i go through with swapping the pcb if it is possible. If someone is able to help me out or give me some clear instructions that would be great.


It’s the same process as a ps360 installation. If you want to use the orininal USB cable, you will need to solder- personally, I would suggest installing a jack to make the cable detachable though (don’t need to solder for that either). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUf4yZZaZzA


Thank you for helping out, but i was wondering what type of jack i would install? and i have a small amount of experience with soldering so in terms of of difficulty, how hard would it be to solder if i wanted to keep the usb?


Why don’t you just make it easy and buy a USB A to B cable? Why make it hard?

This is the simple solution as the Brook has this connection on it.
You will have to make sure you secure the cable however.

If you buy a presoldered all headers (from PAS) Brook UFB, you can even use the Qanba USB cable on it.

But there’s really no reason to do this UNLESS you had some plan to use the “USB door compartment” and use the “stop” on the Qanba USB cable to give the cable a secure mount (and I don’t even know if the Qanba stop would work on a madcatz controller. You would have to do your own research here, and I don’t know if the RJ45 (USB A to B) connector would require extra securing. You need to look into this for yourself).

The advantage of the Qanba cable I linked, as well as soldering your “stock” cable, is they have built in stops for insuring the cable doesn’t ever detach from the PCB or come out of the cable door. The disadvantage is I have no idea if the Qanba “stop” is compatible with the Madcatz. Another disadvantage is if your stock cable is very old, and has a lot of stress bends in it and internal damage, you would never know, until you get disconnects when moving the cable. And again you HAVE to solder the stock madcatz cable while the Qanba cable works without soldering IF your UFB is pre-soldered. But this is more of an “OCD” type thing (or maybe just being careful).

As I said, if you don’t want to solder, keep it simple.


Thanks for the advice, the main thing about getting a usb A to B wire is just that I want to be able to use the little compartment and not have to drill holes outside the stick case.


That’s understood. In that case, if you don’t care about spending $15, buy the Qanba cable I linked, and try to see if it will fit in the notch in the door compartment that the madcatz controller was using. I don’t remember, however, if the madcatz stock cable can be removed from the attachment at the door. I think there is a zip tie or something securing it.

If you think it will work, then buying a USB presoldered connector with UFB (or all connecters soldered), from the paradise shop for the UFB, and then you can use the JST connector for the Qanba USB cable and put it on the 4 pins on the UFB USB pins. Just make sure you hook up VCC as the Qanba cable has two ground holes (1 is shield ground–that will NOT be connected).


Thanks for all the help! I’ll do some more research before purchasing, and if i have questions ill drop it here. ~


God i wish i knew about paradise arcades presoldered ufb before buying mine from focus attack a couple days ago. My only problem is where to find the headers for the ufb besides the 20 pin.


Why not just make a converter? You can get a undamned USB from Paradise arcade and a Brook Universal Fighting PCB and not have to mess with the internal wiring and keep it the way it is. That’s what I’m planning on doing for my Ps3 SE, Ps3 Mk9, and Ps3 Wireless Tekken Stick so I can just plug in one of the said controllers and play on Ps4, X360, and XBone, no messing with internals.

P.S. Also with the UDUSB you can pad hack or add another pcb if you rj45 it to have a converter to virtually anything you want. :wink: