Lookn for a xbox 360 arcade stick


Hey, does ny1 have a arcade stick for sale? I’m n the chicagoland area northside while at wrk. Id rather spend money within the fgc before madcatz directly I’m looking to by asap.




i can sell you my hori fight stick ex


I have a mvc2 te, I live in Woodstock il.


I have a brand new Hori Kai im trying to unload 120$ shipped
And also a sfxt vs stick used for 100$ both xbox


i have a few


I have one Craigslist selling for $130, or $150 shipped willing to negotiate. And like the rules say first come first serve I’m partial to locals.


I imagine OP has already bought one by now, but if not, I have a brand new SCV MadCatz Tournament Edition for $90 shipped.