Looks like KOFXI and NGBC are coming to the U.S.! (Look inside!)

I’m not sure if this is concrete evidence or not, but the SNK PLAYMORE USA website has the King of Fighters XI and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum logos listed under the PS2 on their “In Development” page. Check out the link for yourself!




…about fucking time

I have nothing useful to say here, but this topic makes my day.

Yes it is about time…give me more to promote SNK!!!

See SNK listens to our prayers…

Now give us NGBC II!!!

Awesome news. Now lets see NGBC 2 and XII!

…So odd. Nothing to even jabber or speculate about. Just IS…

I am excited, even if I am only a KOF casual player.

Lol no wonder XI hasn’t been released yet in Europe they were trying to get it released for the US all this time. Good news though better having it released both places rather than one.

Hmm…not bad.

Now, grant us also Samurai Spirits Tenka (or the upcoming 6 pack anthology), the Real Bout Collection and KOF98 Ultimate Match in a timely fashion, and I think we’d be in business. :wgrin:

But seriously…I’m hoping that these types of surprises are the start of a new trend for SNKP. With their Taito X2 stuff slated to be unvieled any where from TGS on down, they should really be going all out with trying to make sure that they got a decent fanbase following all over the world, as much as possible. That way, once the TX2 stuff is showcased, we’ll all have reason to celebrate together, as opposed to the rather fragmented scene that existed over the last several years.

Give me Tenka and an UM for the US announce date by the time UM comes out and I’ll get a US PS2 instead of importing

Awesome, SNK’s spreading a lot of love lately.
Can’t wait to get it.

Wow, and I imported KOFXI and bought it. That’s cool. I’m still going to get it.:wonder:

Random you will just have an up on those that wait to get the US version…

And believe me it makes a difference.

I’m not a fan of many SNK games. I enjoy '98 but that’s about it, but I really have been wanting to try out XI; hopefully it comes out!



This is incredible news. Though I would’ve preferred it to be on 360.

Better late then never. I hope this gets online play!

I guess people will be watching for store skus and stuff now? :slight_smile:

a little late but whatever if i have extra cash i will buy this

Yeah - I ended up doing the same thing… Oh well - I’ll still get it. :slight_smile:

Thats Whats Up! Too Bad I got the JPN Ver. lol

This should come out for XBOX 360 in the US so it can be online and hopefully with a godd server.