Looks like Marvel jacked Udon's cover artist idea


Just picked up some crazy kinda-comic that Marvel puts out called “Marvel Previews” which i guess used to be a part of Diamond Previews but Marvel decided it wanted to do it’s thing separate. On the cover it says “50 cents or free with purchase of Diamond Previews.”

Anyway, there’s a preview for a new Spiderman comic called “Spider-Man Unlimited #1” and it says “Cover by SHINKIRO (of Capcom)” …

What’s up with that? Total ripoff idea.

The cover itself looks awesome cuz they picked the right guy … i don’t think it’s as good as the special Udon Street Fighter cover for issue #5, but it’s still pretty amazing.

Plus the comic itself has two stories featuring two pairs of writers/pencilers which again is a rip of the SF comic with the backup story format that Udon has.

Tho i guess i shouldn’t be surprised that Marvel is the first company trying to jump onboard Udon’s successful innovations. They have buff resources to throw around when they need something done fast.

It’s still a little bit weird seeing “by SHINKIRO (of Capcom)” anywhere near Marvel.


Well the Street Fighter comic kind of surprised everyone in the industry by being so insanely popular, so I’m really not shocked that other companies would borrow some elements.


What a rip!! lol. Since spiderman is in mvc game I guess that’s what they thought would fit with shinkiro cover. I don’t know don’t mind me.


Here’s the cover


It looks cool, but really dosnt show of Shinkiro’s talents.

He shoulda done a cover with Spidey standing in the rain with his mask off, that way it would of been moody, and we’d get to see Shinkiro’s take on Peter Parker('s face)


Actually, I helped hook up the deal for SHINKIRO-san to do the Marvel cover. As you all know that we have a good working relationship with Marvel, and while talking with Capcom Japan in working on the SF covers, we talked about the possibility of hooking the Capcom Artists up for some Marvel work coz they are fans of the characters. So I have Marvel talked with Capcom and there you go - a SHINKIRO Spiderman cover!

As for the split story idea goes, it is a very standard thing and Marvel has been doing these “Unlimited” books that has mutiple stories each month. In fact, this first Spiderman Unlimited book has a story by Takeshi Miyazawa, a good friend of UDON who is also working with us on the next ROBOTECH series!

So, please do support this project! I am sure you will like what you see!




I never thought I’d see the day where the KOF artist does Spidey.


That’s tight that Udon hooked it up cuz i was secretly going to buy that Spidey comic no matter what.

What’s crazy is that even tho normally random select crossovers always wind up being horrible ideas, there’s actually games to support it this time.


Which is why this would sell out withing minutes of reaching the local newstands/comic shops.