Looks like SNK = Wii


This is just purely speculation, but it sounds like SNK/Playmore 2D fighting games are going to be only on the Wii. Any thoughts?

Yeah, I posted this in the KOFXI thread. Maybe now we can get an English version of XI…that would kick ass.

Oops. Sorry dude. I wasn’t aware.

Who cares, it’s not like any of you play / buy their games to begin with.

Well, it could be a big thing for 2D fighters. The 2D genre is dying, but this has some sort of fleeting glimmer that 2D fighting ports might solely be on the Nintendo Wii, and I mean all 2D fighters: Street Fighters, Guilty Gears, Melty Blood, etc.

It’s all good man. This kinda needed its own thread anyway.

fucking word. who the hell buys snk games? just download the roms.

just remembered kof games are on atomiswave hardware nowdays. can you still get snk roms of the latest games?

I didn’t know Sony can reject games. thats super gay.

I’ve bought all the metal slug ports. :\

because Sony is super gay. But why not X-Box, I thought SNK had an ok relationship with them

and with Wii can u still use a pad or stick for that matter. Besides we cant expect CAPCOM to make any new 2-d fighters except Street Fighter 2.8 or Turbo for X-Box I mean WTF

There was word that Sony (maybe just Sony America) does not want anymore 2D fighting games on their consoles.

I’m hoping now we’ll see NGBC, KOFXI, and Samurai Spirits Tenka on the Wii. It would really kickass with the wi-fi. Maybe we’ll even see GGXX Slash on the Wii, seeing Nintendo is much more 2D friendly than Sony, although the Xbox/360 seems more likely to me.

Imagine SNK hopping aboard the virtual console!!


The Wii is looking better and better everyday.

So… who going to start making custom sticks for the Wii? Plus isn’t Wii going to have snes download capabilities, tmnt tf and hyper fighting for the win!

No you cant get roms of the latest games, thats one reason SNK switched boards.

Besides like Kyoji said nobody supports SNK games, Ive never seen one SNK game at EVO or even heard of any tourneys in the US, I know theirs a group out there that play MOTW but thats about it, KOF doesnt even get a look in, theirs a small following for it here in the UK and a bigger one in france thats about it outside its motherland.

Its too bad because SNK really try and arent like capcom just releasing collection after collection, JERUS I think theirs actually more collections than number of oringal SF games.

as of now, the wii only has nintendo published games planned for download (as well as some genesis and turbo grafix 16 games), but who knows what the future holds?

and why doesnt snk just release games on xbox live arcade? they wont have to pay anything to get it out on store shelves, there will never be any problem FINDING their damn games, and their games just being on live arcade at all is much better advertising for them than theyve been doing for themselves for years

edit: oh, XBOX, as in not 360. i should learn to read words better

USA != World
How many SNK games have you seen on SBO this year?

Alright now SNK can make it the holy trifecta and fail on all 3 system makers.

Yea thats because japs like to keep upto date and dont just look if theirs a capcom logo on the game.