Looks like they fixed viper's hip



I really hate the new costume, not enough skin :\ but hey at least she actually looks like a woman now huh?


Awesome! Can’t wait to see the other colors. I kinda wished they’d done something a bit different with her hair (unbraided and flowing down straight would make for some wicked looking animations). Still one of my favorites along with Cammy-Bison.


Lara Croft Viper would have been GDLK.


was this thread really necessary…


No offense flash I really appreciate any input you provide us with and your technical prowess with viper is fuckin awe inspiring. I just hate the idea character specific forums should only be limited to gameplay discussion especially when the new game is coming out and her alt is something new and not totally lame to talk about. I do kinda see your point as this couldve easily been posted in the general viper thread. Just hate to hear negativity about something pretty harmless coming from a player we all highly respect and learn so much from. Again no offense at all hope you don’t take this the wrong way. :confused:


That comment wasn’t necessary. Other people do enjoy other things about C. Vipers character, and not just her play style. Costumes, story, taunts, etc. And this is the C. Viper forum anyway. On topic.

I like Vipers new suit, but I like her first alt better though. Fits better in my eyes.


that viper costume would b crazy


Phaded Vandal your an idiot

VeryEroticViolent yea my post wasn’t telling you guys not to talk about this who am I to tell you what to talk about…lol…the point was we didn’t need a brand new thread about it…which is literally what my post said nothing else


I agree with Flash…this is another GameFAQs style thread that could have been put in the general disussion thread. People have seen her alternate by now any ways.


kinda looks like zero suit samus lol. hope theres a blue one :]


I think there was concept art for this costume in her character art in SF4 was there not? I hope they fixed the hip. It’s kinda hard to tell from this though.


I agree. maybe next time =(