Loose 5pin connector


a friend of mine was thrasing away on my newly modded SE…and the 5pin seemed to have wiggled off…

is there any way i can secure this even though the sanwa jlfs dont have the tab that holds int he connector in place?

where is the best spot to place an adhesive?


Make sure when you plug the connection in that it is secure. This is one of the first times I have ever heard of it coming off while playing, but I guess there is a first for everything.

But if you would like to tape it on there, use electrical tape. It won’t hurt it.


Hot glue it.


oh yeah totally forgot about that. :slight_smile:


hot glue would be a viable option…but theres really no surface area to glue…the oem SE stick had a little tab that overlapped the connectors, which was smothered in hot glue…but none for an SE

any ideas where i can possibly glue it?

would krazy glue work as wlel?


Put the glue directly on it.


gtn, your pic helped ALOT :rock::rock:

went to home depot, bought a huge pack of hot glue sticks when all i needed was like 1/10 of an inch of ONE…sped home…tore apart my SE stick…and applied the glue. my friend whos known as the button masher gave it a twirl (pun intended), and the glue seems to hold up fine.