Loose ball on joystick

I didn’t know where else to go for this but the ball on my joy stick is loose and is freakin’ bugging me. I can’t tighten it unless I completely unscrew it and take off the little…cylinder thingy that goes over the shaft of the stick. If anyone has had this problem or hasn’t but knows how I can tighten it without having to dismember the whole thing please share.

under the entire joy stick there is a slit that you could stick a screw driver or knife in. Hold it while screw on the ball top till its tight. Your problem should be gone

You mean…when you open it up? Because I don’t see a slit that will stop it from spinning.

what stick are you on.

Madcatz Mvc2 TE stick

okay open up the panel and look underneath the joystick. the very buttom will have something to where a flathead screw driver would fit. Stick it there (a nife also works) now twist the ball tightly with your other hand still holding the screw in place.

Thanks. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to open up the stick but I don’t think there’s any other way. So thank you.

its an easy fix, pop the bottom off, use a flathead to hold the shaft and then tighten the ball.

takes about 3 minutes

Popping the bottom off voids the warranty (sticker) though.

Just to be clear… you mean its spinning coming loose like it’s unscrewing off slowly? Or that it just spins freely while your holding it/playing. It’s supposed to spin freely by design. It was one of the hardest things for me to get used to after playing for years on happ comp sticks in arcades which didnt spin at all.

And yeah its only 6 screws to take off the top panel and takes no more than 5 minutes.

No no no I mean like the ball of the stick spins off. I know the whole stick can spin by design but i mean the tip of the stick is loose and while I’m playing it sometimes spins off the stick. And yeah I think I’ve concluded that I have to unscrew the top but does that also void warranty?

unscrewing the top won’t void the warranty. you don’t have to mess with taking the bottom off.

It’s super easy man.

Got it fixed. Thanks people.